Restaurant on the Loreley

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere on the Loreley. Immerse yourself deeply in the myth shrouded in legend and look forward to a top-class programme. Exquisite culinary delicacies meet excellent wines. Let yourself, your family and friends be charmed.

With love and heart for the region

The decisive factors for satisfied guests are outstanding quality and service at a high level.

For this reason, we at the restaurant “Am Mythischen Fels” are exclusively supplied by regional partners who have committed themselves to the sustainable production of their products in their businesses. All of them are known for their excellent quality.

Therefore you are in very good hands in the restaurant “Am Mythischen Fels”. Regional suppliers are not only guarantors for high quality, but also stand for sustainable logistics and guarantee seasonal ingredients with the greatest possible freshness.

Something special

You won’t find a classic restaurant here. Rather we enchant you in the restaurant “Am Mythischen Fels” with a high-quality country house kitchen.

We skillfully combine regional products with recipes, ingredients and forms of preparation from all over the world. Look forward to an extraordinary variety of tastes.

Seasonal dishes are very important to us. We start the year for you in spring with fresh asparagus. The summer brings you wonderful salad variations. Besides delicious fruits, berries and of course chanterelles. The autumn is accompanied by great game dishes and the 11th of November marks the beginning of the goose season. You will be delighted!

Events, celebrations and seats

In the restaurant “Am Mythischen Fels” all guests are offered varied events at regular intervals. Have a look under Events in our calendar. If you click on the individual events, you will get an overview page with further details. It is worth it for you and you will be amazed.

You can expect any kind of celebration in a pleasant atmosphere. From the birthday, the family celebration, to the company celebration and wedding everything is possible. Especially at weddings, the beautifully designed landscape park can be very well integrated into the festivities. In addition, there is the romantic view over the Rhine Gorge at the various viewing platforms.

There are 90 seats inside and 160 outside. There are also plenty of parking spaces for large groups. Arrange a non-binding appointment to discuss all details. 

Excerpt from the poem by Heinrich Heine

The air is cool and it darkens, and the Rhine flows calmly;
The summit of the mountain sparkles in the evening sunshine.

The skipper in the small ship, it seizes with wild woe;
He doesn’t look at the reefs, he just looks up into the heights.

I think the waves are devouring, at the end skipper and barge;
And that’s what Lore-Ley did with her singing.

The Loreley Myth

The Loreley is a legendary slate rock located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is a legend, because in the Middle Ages the strong bend around the 132 meter high rock plateau was one of the most dangerous places for the Rhine navigation.

Masses of water flowing at different speeds encountered rocky ribs across the river. This produced strong vortices. To the doom of some skippers.

Despite the numerous blasts in the last century, the Rhine at the Loreley site is still difficult to navigate at low water levels.

The Loreley Plateau

The Loreley Visitor Centre was opened during EXPO 2000. It contains a museum and provides detailed information about the special features of the region.

In 2016, extensive construction work was started to integrate a cultural and landscape park on the Loreley Plateau, based on the legendary myth.

In addition to the “Strahlenweg” ( a special path, shining way ), which leads visitors past the “Mythenraum” ( room of myths ) to the viewing platform, the “Mythenpfad” ( path of myths ) will provide visitors with insights into the myth of Loreley.