Menu card

Look forward to culinary delicacies in the style of a high-quality country house kitchen. We attach great importance to regional dishes and suppliers, as well as seasonal products. In addition to taste variety, this always guarantees fresh ingredients, which are combined with preparation forms from all over the world.

Picnic basket

Offer from 2 people to stay comfortably on the plateau. 80,00 EUR deposit per basket. All prices per person.

  • No. 1

    Water 0,7L, wine 0,7L, selection of sausages and cheeses, mini meatballs, boiled eggs, rolls

  • No. 2

    Grevensteiner 0,5L o. Pils 0,33L, sausage salad, beer bites, coleslaw, cheese cubes, rolls

  • No. 3

    Coffee, Piccolo sparkling wine 0,2L, cold cuts plate, cheese cubes, mixed salad, rolls and butter

  • No. 4

    Wine 0,7L, water 0,7L, sandwich, fruit selection, tomato salad, cheese cubes

  • No. 5

    Bottle of wine, bottle of water, antipasti, olives, cheese, bread, butter, Italian salami, sweet pastry

  • No. 6

    Orange juice, apple juice, non-alcoholic beer or shandy, mead sausage, Camembert cheese, farmer's aspic, tomato salad, baguette/rolls


  • Salad Variations

    Served with cheese, cucumber, paprika and tomato

  • Salad Variations

    Served with slices of chicken breast, cucumber, paprika and tomato

Vegetarian / Vegan

  • Homemade wholemeal bread dumplings

    with mushroom sauce

  • “Couscous Bowl”

    with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, herbs and pomegranate syrup

Tarte flambèe

  • Tarte flambèe

    with bacon and onions

  • Tarte flambèe

    with cheese an peperoni


  • Black angus burger

    with french fries

For our children

  • Nuggets

    with french fries

  • Pork escalope

Main courses

  • Pork

    and vegetable jelly with pan potatoes, remoulade

  • Homemade sausage salad

    with onions and gherkins served with salad and baguette

  • Beef or porc sausage

    Curried with french fries

  • Porc escalope

    with french fries

  • Porc escalope

    with french fries and mushroom creame sauce

Ice cream sundae

  • Strawberry cup

    Strawberry, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberry cream

  • Brittle cup

    Nut and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel cream and brittle

  • Nut cup

    Vanilla, nut ice cream, cream, caramel cream and nuts

  • Chocolate mug

    Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate cream and chocolate shavings

  • After Eight

    Chocolate and mint chocolate ice cream with After Eight chocolate, cream and chocolate sauce