Every tasty dish is rounded off with tasty drinks. In addition to exquisite wines from the region, you will also receive exclusive café specialities and great teas from Dallmayr. Take a look at our cake counter. There you will find a fresh selection of delicious specialities every day, accompanied by a fragrant cup of coffee.

Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Rheinfels Mineral Water Gourmet

    fine pearly or natural - 0,25l / 0,7l

  • Softdrinks

    Cola, - light, orange, lemon, cola-orange-mix - 0,40l

  • Juice spritzer


  • Fruit juice

    Apple, orange, passion fruit, grape, redcurrant - 0,20l

Refreshing homemade lemonades and iced coffee

  • Homemade elderberry lemonade - 0,40l

  • Homemade raspberry and cherry lemonade - 0,40l

  • Iced coffee - 0,40l

  • Ice chocolate - 0,40l

Draft beer

  • Pilsner

    0,30l / 0,40l

  • Radler ( Lemon and beer )

    0,30l / 0,40l

  • Yeast wheat


Bottled beer

  • Grevensteiner naturally cloudy country beer


  • Maissel’s Weisse crystal wheat


  • Maissel’s Weisse non-alcoholic


  • Veltins Pilsner non-alcoholic


  • Veltins Radler non-alcoholic


Spritz, sparkling wine and cider

  • Cider

    “Pure, sweet or tart and tangy” - 0,25l / 0,50l

  • Aperol Spritz

    Aperol, sparkling wine, slice of orange and soda - 0,2l

  • Hugo

    Elderberry syrup, sparkling wine, soda, lime slice and mint - 0,2l

  • Riesling Sparkling Wine

    b.A –brut- Mittelrheintal - 0,1l / 0,75l


  • Rosè “fine tart”

    Loreley Kellerei/St. Goarshausen-Mittelrheintal - 0,2l

Red wine

  • Dornfelder “dry”

    Dark red in color, full-bodied and drinkable, a stimulating red wine that is not intrusive - 0,2l

White wine / Spritzer

  • Riesling spritzer

    0,2l / 0,4l

  • Riesling Dry

    WG Fetz/Dörscheid-Mittelrheintal - 0,2l

  • Charta-Riesling “dry”

    Light, fruity and fresh summer wine - 0,2l

  • Loreley Noble Riesling Sweet

    Winegrowers' cooperative Loreley Bornich-Mittelrheintal - 0,2l

  • Pinot Gris -fine tart

    Fine fruity, refreshing Burgundy with elegant aromatics and a fine sweet-acid play - 0,2l

Café specialities

  • Café creme

  • Café large

  • Espresso

  • Double Espresso

  • Espresso “Macchiato”

  • Double Espresso “Macchiato”

  • Cappuccino Original (Milk)

  • Latte Macchiato

  • Café au Lait

  • Hot milk chocolate classico 27% Kakao

  • Hot milk chocolate classico 27% Kakao

    mit Sahne


You will find a selection of fresh cakes in the bistro in our cake counter.

Tea specialities from Dallmayr

  • Assam

    Full-bodied, malty taste, strong, dark colour in the cup

  • Japan Sencha

    Its fine bitter taste is rounded off by a slight sweetness.

  • Peppermint

    pleasantly spicy, initially warming, then noticeably cooling

  • Chamomile

    fully blossomed camomile blossoms picked by hand

  • Wild berry

    taste of wild apple, blackberry, strawberry and black currant