Carefully selected goods

Valuable treasures in the form of exquisite wineries and manufactories can be found throughout the entire Middle Rhine Valley. Due to our local ties, we promote these by offering selected goods locally. Just ask us during your next visit. You will appreciate it.


• Middle rhine cherry liverpaté
• Gourmet wild boar goulash
• Gourmet wild liver paté with truffle
• Gourmet wild liver paté with cranberries
• Gourmet wild meat paste from nature
• Gourmet wild bolognese

Exquisite wines

• St.Goarshäusener Burg Katz Riesling
• Philippsmühle Steilhang Riesling
• Loreley Kellerei Riesling late vintage
• Loreley Kellerei Riesling Beerenauslese sweet
• Loreley Kellerei Pinot Noir – Blanc de Noir
• Loreley Pinot Noir – Blanc de Noir
• Winzergenossenschaft Loreley Riesling select harvest
• Mittelrhein Felsenspiel Riesling
• Loreleyfelsen Pinot Noir Holzfass
• Mittelrhein Apfel Kirsch Secco

Continuous expansion of the product range

In the restaurant “Am Mythischen Fels” we set very high standards for the products we offer to our guests and visitors and are constantly expanding our assortment. In any case, it is worthwhile to drop by every now and then to discover a new culinary jewel.


Honey / Marmalade

• Beekeeping Bernhard Seifert wild honey
• Beekeeping Bernhard Seifert rape honey
• Mittelrhein morello marmalade

Spirits / Liqueurs

• Distillery Fetz Red vineyard peach liqueur
• Distillery Fetz Wine Grower Coffee Liqueur
• Schillbach’s Manufactory egg liqueur
• Mittelrhein Cherry Liqueur
• Distillery Fetz mirabelle plum brandy
• Loredry Middle Rhine Valley Gin